DILLON was founded in 1986. The principal personnel are all experienced electrical, mechanical and software specialists.

Dillon's customers come from varied industries including oil & gas, water & wastewater, chemical, manufacturing, food & beverage, transportation, construction, communications, public utilities, mining and equipment manufacturing industries.

The company was originally set up to provide electrical, instrumentation and software services. The services expanded to other specialties to meet the needs of Dillon customers; Controls, Automation and System Integration services became natural expansions. Dillon began providing system solution or system integration services. 

Control System Integration services involve connecting several manufacturers' equipment together to form a complete operating control system for manufacturing and process companies. System design, control software, installation, construction management, startup and training services became important components in providing this service. Loading terminals, pipeline stations, natural gas liquids, tank farms, waste water treatment, chemical processing, food processing, product packaging and refinery fire control systems are a few of the areas where Dillon has helped provide integrated control systems.

Dillon's sales growth has continued to increase. Dillon believes this growth is due to an increasing need for businesses to be more competitive and more compliant with environmental regulations. Solving our customer's concerns about productivity, quality, safety and the environment by providing the best products and services is the company goal of Dillon.


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